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Jewel & Lotus is a network of websites and a community of businesses and people who care about creating a better world – in all the different ways. Learn more about how you can join us today!

As a founding principle, we believe that business can be one of the most effective ways to create positive change in the world.

That’s why at Jewel & Lotus – we’re all about bringing together people and businesses who share this belief. Our goal is to make it easier for small, artisan, non-profit, social, and eco businesses to be found, be supported, and flourish. 

“I love the story behind the products you carry.
When I see folks putting their values to work to improve the lives of others, I am reminded that there still is hope for a better world!”
– Happy Customer

Instead of having to look all over the internet (or all around town) for an ethically made swimsuit, organic cotton shirt, botanical body care, and fair trade coffee – with Jewel and Lotus – you can access it all super easily and in one place!

Get informed & inspired to live consciously and in alignment your values, with ease, and global community support.

Jewel & Lotus Ethical Marketplace

Ethically Made Goods from Around the World
  • Find beautiful and high quality goods for yourself, your home, your kids, your friends all in one place!
  • Enjoy an inspired, consciously-curated shopping experience.
  • Browse 5K+ ethically made goods for a clean conscience.

Jewel and Lotus Ethical Marketplace makes it easy to shop in alignment with your values for fair trade, organic, socially-responsible and eco friendly goods made by artisans from around the world.

We offer clothing, home goods, apothecary, jewelry, and so much more from over 100 ethical brands. Shop and explore our curated collection of products that are good for people and the planet!

Morocco Lattice Pattern Indigo Cushion Cover


This Cotton cushion cover with Moroccan Lattice design in Indigo and white is dyed from Indigofera Tinctoria, or “true indigo,” grown in northwest India as a rotation crop to replenish the soil for food cultivation.


Baby Quilts


Our reversible baby quilts are hand quilted with the softest cotton voile and pure cotton filling while the binding around the edges are machine stitched for added durability.


Round Round Baby


These chic round baskets are stylish for every occasion. Add a silk tie to the handle to dress it up or keep it simple and wear it to the pool or beach.


Lotus Journal

Good News, Inspiring Stories, & Wisdom from Around the World!
  • Fresh content posted daily
  • Browse over 400 articles from our Kula

Lotus Journal is an online magazine of good news, inspiring stories and wisdom shared by members of our global community.

Read the latest trends in Ethical Fashion, explore beauty and wellness tips from our community experts, browse wholesome recipes and so much more. Find your inspiration to live a more conscious lifestyle!

Find Your Own Flavour

MARCH 26, 2018

Today I found myself beyond inspired by the word ‘flavour’. You are probably wondering how the word ‘flavour’ could possibly inspire any human. Honestly, I am currently still figuring this all out, so bear with me here folks…


Happiness Is An Inside Job

MARCH 20, 2018

Now a days, so many humans rely on other humans or things to be happy. The best piece of advice I have ever received was to be happy for no reason. Like a child…


What We’re Listening To

MARCH 16, 2018

I may be late to the party, but I have recently started listening to podcasts. Until recently, my only real experience with podcasts was with the Serial podcast, which I was totally obsessed with. Anyone else?!…


The Jewel & Lotus Difference

Our small choices – together – have huge impacts.

We believe in the power of business to change the world! Our growing community of doers, shakers, and change-makers are leading first by example. Collectively and individually, we’re putting our values into action and we’re creating the world we want, now and for future generations.

Businesses join Jewel & Lotus because they believe in the power of community to create impactful and lasting change:

  • J&L interacts with over 1,000 people every day.
  • Network of 21K+ global ethical brands and conscious-minded individuals.
  • 100+ vendors from around the world – selling from 6 out of 7 continents (N. America, S. America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia)
  • $80,000+ generated in sales supporting small + ethical businesses

Become a J&L Vendor

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We promote brands + products through social media posts, sending newsletters, sharing their stories on Lotus Journal, and so much more! Vendors can enjoy the benefit of reaching their ideal customers via Jewel & Lotus’ growing community of over 20,000 people world-wide.

It’s easy to join! In just a few simple steps you can have your new shop ready to sell.

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The Jewel & Lotus Dreamers

Founded in 2014

Jewel & Lotus is happily headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, though our Kula (community of people and businesses) live and work all around the world!

We believe that all people have the power to make a difference and that together we are better. We believe in People, Planet and Prosperity for all!

About the Founders

 Andy; CEO, Co-founder |  Ashira; Creative Director, Co-founder

Ashira and Andy first met in the small and magical Cooperstown, New York. Andy had just left New York City and was wwoof-ing (willing worker on organic farms) at Origins Cafe, a farm-to-table foodtruck + cafe. Ashira was living part time in India, Nepal and the US working with NGO STOP (Stop Trafficking and Oppression of People) and for a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center. They quickly fell in love and decided to start a business. Inspired by their love for the world + their desire to create change, they started Jewel & Lotus.


“Working with Ashira and Andy has been amazing. They are a lovely couple and are so dedicated to bring sustainable change to the world. I really admire their work ethics and enthusiasm towards collaborative work. They are genuinely nice people and we hope the association between Jewel & Lotus and Brown Boy grows and we collectively bring sustainable apparel mainstream.”

– Prateek Kayan – Founder, Brown Boy Clothing


“This is so awesome!! Thank you so much for doing this! And THANK YOU for creating this platform and making it possible for vendors like us to have a space to grow. Wishing us all so much success so we can take down greedy capitalism ;)”

– Klara K. Ibarra – Founder, Formulator & Medicine Maker at Nelum Botanics


“Jewel and Lotus is an amazing Ethical Marketplace.  The items are so beautiful and I love having somewhere to shop that I can trust. I want to get everything on this site!  The founders have a lot of integrity and genuine investment in making the world a better place as well as exquisite taste.  I also love selling my handmade items on Jewel and Lotus and have been very happy with the results.  Thank you Jewel and Lotus!”

– Melodie Marie Essig – Founder, Gem & Wander


“I love the vision behind the Jewel and Lotus global community & ethical marketplace, and I feel so fortunate to have met the owners of the company personally. Andy and Ashira are some of the coolest changemakers I know, and their love and passion for promoting global prosperity and sustainability for our planet is truly genuine. As a previous designer in the mass-market fashion industry, I know how important it is to be heading in this direction of ethical fashion! I love everything J&L and their vendors are doing and I can’t wait to see what else is to come!”

– Melinda DiOrio – Founder, Melinda DiOrio Photography


“Jewel and Lotus is a fantastic socially conscious and ethical marketplace full of lots of talented people. I was fortunate enough to discover the site through Social Media a few years ago and knew that I had to be a part of it. Andy and Ashira welcomed me as one of the founding artisans and it’s been an incredible journey experiencing their growth and passion along the way. They were both instrumental in setting up the foundation for my shop’s success and giving personal attention when needed. They have not only been amazing business partners but great friends as well. I look forward to both observing and partaking in their future endeavors as they strive to make the world a better place.”

– Jacqueline Rose Ranieri  – Founder, Jacqueline Rose LLC

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