Jewel & Lotus Mission

Jewel and Lotus is a Global Community and Ethical Marketplace for a Better World! We are a growing community of artisans, businesses, and non-profit organizations from around the world, brought together by our shared values and inspired by our shared visions. Every product on Jewel and Lotus is made by people and therefore has a story. We believe that it is time for us to realize our interconnectedness, to know where our products are coming from, and to understand the positive or negative impact they are having on people and planet.

We are on a journey to prove that business is not just about money, its about people, its about planet, its about creating opportunity and its about change!

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” ~Anna Lappé

Jewel & Lotus Vision

We live in a time of great inequality, greed and injustice. But we believe that we can change the world… that the fate of our planet is in our hands and actually, that much of it is in the way that we shop and how we spend our money.

Although science and many philosophers will say that we are doomed, that the future is bleak, that our future generations will inherit an earth wrecked by global climate change… we have decided to stay optimistic and to do everything we can to encourage a more peaceful, healthy, happy and prosperous people and planet. Our dream is for everyone to have an equal opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Our vision for Jewel and Lotus is grand! We are joining together with people who share this vision, who live with optimism, who create opportunities for themselves and others, who are not afraid to see the suffering around the world and still find the courage to create something beautiful.

Everyday we are creating with our thoughts, speech and actions. We invite you to come create with us, to create a better world by shopping, sharing, participating, becoming a vendor, connecting with others and more.

Ethical Marketplace

Ethical by definition can seem quite black and white, moralistic and judgmental. But we believe Ethical is an intention, a journey, a choice we make everyday – to not create harm, to do the best that we can, that our actions and words resonate with our deepest truths and aspirations. That when one has a choice to make more money at the expense of people and planet, their love for others dominates their greed for money. We are an Ethical Marketplace meaning that yes, we are selling products and making money, but we are not compromising our deepest values of love and compassion for all beings, for the earth and for ourselves. We live and do business from our hearts.

No business is perfect… we can find flaws if we are looking for them… but we are all committed to doing our best and as our businesses grow and expand, we stay open, humble, and continue to learn and refine our business practices for a better world.


About Jewel & Lotus – A Love Story

Ashira and Andy say that Jewel and Lotus is a LOVE STORY… born out of their love for each other and all beings.

Andy and Ashira met in June 2013. They quickly fell in love and knew they wanted to create a beautiful business together. Andy studied business at Penn State and after working in the corporate world in NYC and running his own soccer league, he felt strongly that he wanted to do something more meaningful with his life. He quit his job and moved to Cooperstown, New York to do WWOOFing at Origins, an organic farm and café.

At that time, Ashira was working at a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation center. She felt inspired to start Jewel and Lotus because of her extensive travels throughout Asia and specifically because of her work with STOP India, an organization that rescues girls from human trafficking. She saw that the root cause of most of the problems in the world were due to poverty and a lack of opportunity. She saw the shortcomings of charity, and felt strongly that business and creating economic opportunities for people was the best way to change the world.