Fashion Revolution Day

I never thought my life would be so heavily tied to fashion... but now that it is I'm not so surprised. Not because I grew up with privilege and I liked to dress nicely and look good (maybe some of you thought that's where I was going with this). It's because when you apply mindfulness to your life, you realize that everything is connected, everything matters, and your choices have a big impact in the world. Clothing, handicrafts, home decor, kitchen products, you name it... it's all coming from somewhere, being made by someone (or something). When you're mindful of this, you start to wonder, "where did that come from", "who made that", "is this having a positive or negative effect on people and/or planet?"


Two years ago today (April 24), a factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing 1133 people and injuring many more. The infamous Rana Plaza factory consisted of 5 separate garment factories. At the time of the collapse, they were working on orders from 29 global brands. Not only were these brands complicit in creating an environment that would allow for disaster, but we as consumers and supporters of these brands also share in the responsibility. After all, these businesses cannot survivor without our currency. Whether or not you actually purchase from one of the companies involved is irrelevant now. We all need to improve our habits and we all stand to benefit from becoming more aware of our actions, which includes how we spend our money. What matters now is that we don't let this (tragic) event pass by without learning something from it! Thanks to the tremendous efforts of (amongst many others), theres a good chance that this time we won't forget. Today, April 24th, wear your clothes inside out to show your support for all those who lost their lives in Rana Plaza, to acknowledge proudly the brands and people who ethically make your fashion, and make clear your actions and intentions to support a better world for all people! Change is always possible... ‪#‎FashionRev‬

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