Meet our Growing Community of Social Enterprises

These Brands Are Changing The World Through Business!

Meet our Global Community of Social Enterprises...

Part 1

A Social Enterprise is a business or organization whose core mission includes creating social and environmental change! Business is changing the world and we are so honored to introduce you to the social enterprises you can support by shopping at Jewel and Lotus!

Salila Rising

Threads for freedom.

Based in Delhi, India, Salila Rising celebrates freedom, empowerment, and the true beauty of women around the world. This women empowering social enterprise is a collection of survivors of human trafficking, oppression, violence, self-abuse and heartbreak rising together to heal and create better lives for women and their communities. Working with young women from NGO STOP, Salila Rising creates a variety of women's clothing like wrap around skirts, kimonos, kaftans and more.

Child's Cup Full

Empowering refugee communities in the West Bank, one toy at a time.

Founded in 2008, Child’s Cup Full is a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to create economic opportunities thatlast for refugee and low-income communities in the West Bank. Beautiful, organic handcrafted educational toys are made along with a few other products by women artisans who are trained and employed by the social enterprise. Child’s Cup Full believes that refugee and marginalized communities can thrive with the access to business opportunities. Their goal is to employ 30 women by the end of 2016.


Supporting Amazonian indigenous culture by unifying ethical art, emotive photography and informative media.

From jewelry to unique ethical artwork and photography, Xapiri offers a variety of beautiful indigenous Amazonian products. Their mission is to preserve the incredible artwork, increase awareness and inspire positive change in the world. To make this happen, Xapiri has developed a form of sustainable economy through fair trade and commissioning directly with indigenous communities. Xapiri is giving Amazonian art a platform in which it can be valued as well as given the understanding it deserves. Photo by Alice Kohler | Photography

Batan Ecos

Preserving El Salvadorian traditions of handloom textiles.

Batan Ecos gathers the work of the remaining artisans in San Sebastian, El Salvador with a mission to build a sustainable business for the artisans as well as support their small family workshops by providing a consistent income. The social enterprise also wishes to preserve and share the heritage that is being lost. From Batan Ecos you can buy blankets and throws, shawls and scarves, table runners and tablecloths, handbags, hammocks.

Songbird Collection

A symbol or peace, empowerment, and freedom...

Established to provide a creative design and retail channel to raise awareness of social, cultural and environmental issues through craft and design, Songbird Collection hopes that their bright designs will inspire those who come across their pieces. The Melbourne-based social enterprise creates lovely pieces of jewelry and engages holistic principles of fair trade from the producer, to the designer and to the consumer.

Jacqueline Rose Jewelry

Jewelry paving the way to a spiritual journey for humanity.

Inspired by wonder and magic, Jacqueline Rose Jewelry is a positive energy brand that is dedicated to funding educational resources for foster children who reside in NYC. Every piece of jewelry is handmade and designed in Jacqueline’s home in Brooklyn, New York.

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