Treat yourself...

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Treat Yourself (or a friend too)!

Benefit from the amazing healing and restoring ingredients found in nature! Pamper and treat yourself with the luxurious all-natural, ethical bath and body care available at Jewel and Lotus.

Rose Facial Care Set


In the Rose Facial Care Set you can find 3 items: 1/2oz Rose Neroli Anti-Aging Face Oil, 2oz Rose Vanilla Rejuvenating Facial Mist and 2oz Honey Rose Azuki Bean Facial Scrub. All products from Mona Botanicals are handmade with organic unrefined ingredients. They want you to enjoy the purity while also enjoying radiant skin! Not sure if these products are right for your skin? Each item can be purchased individually and the Rose Vanilla Facial Toner Mist can be found in a sample.

Blood Orange Coconut Sugar Body Polish


Raw sugar, granulated brown sugar, organic virgin coconut oil infused with spices and a pinch of blood orange essential oil work together to make this warm mouth-watering sugar body polish from Mona Botanicals. This sugar scrub gently exfoliates dead skin, decreases cellulite and enhances body circulation while also relaxing your mind thanks to the delicious smell.

Lavender Ylang Ylang Oil


Light and fragrant, this moisturizing oil regenerates tissue, speeds up the healing process of wounds and provides your skin with rich nutrients. Mona Botanicals blends grapeseed oil, avocado oil and lavender to leave your skin rejuvenated without a sticky, greasy feel.

Honey Azuki Bean Face Scrub


This gentle face cleanser from Mona Botanicals is used to exfoliate, moisturize and feed the skin proteins and nutrients. Made of organic locally produced unfiltered honey, ground azuki beans, ground hemp seeds, organic rose buds and lavender flowers your skin will be left looking radiant, clear and healthy.

Organic Perfume Oil


Made with organic essential oil, this roll on perfume from Mona Botanicals comes in 4 scents, Sweet Spice, Vanilla Rum, Blossom and Rose Lavender. Great for on the go, simply roll the perfume on one of your meridians points (wrist, neck, behind ears) and you will be left smelling wonderfully for up to 3 hours.

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