$32.00 USD

Brand Tuli
Jewel and Lotus Fair Trade

The playful and flirty Amara necklace features gorgeous paper beads, handmade and hand-painted in Uganda and arranged in a cascading y-shape. While it's simple enough to wear with versatility and frequency, it's bold enough to draw the eye. Approximately 18 inches. Lobster clasp and sizing chain.

Colors: Evergreen, white, raspberry

Tuli products are handmade in Uganda and fight poverty with every purchase. This necklace features paper beads that are rolled from recycled paper, painted by hand, and the coated in a water-based varnish, making them as durable as they are beautiful. Your purchase puts money directly into the hands of the woman who made your product, empowering her to feed her family, educate her children, and rise out of poverty.