Brooklyn Backpack

$88.00 USD

The Brooklyn Backpack is durable and versatile its roll down top means you can carry extra tall things up to 25 inches tall! It has a zip pocket on the bag for extra security as well as pockets on the front and inside. There is no seam along the bottom of the bag making it super strong and it has adjustable straps as well as a carry handle. At 13 inches wide it can easily carry a laptop or a packed lunch and your hiking boots!


Dimensions: Width 13" x Height (rolled down) 18" (unrolled) 25".

Features: 1 zip pocket on the back, 1 inner zip pocket, 1 zip pocket on the front, adjustable straps, carry handle, adjustable height.

What Daisy Did

Ethical, sustainable, fair-trade. slow- fashion label using recycled materials to create unique bag collections. 

Our aim is to be a zero waste company and so we try to use every scrap of material, any leftover leather from production are passed on to jewelry makers to minimise waste.