Eco Bark Wanderer Lust Tote

$84.00 USD

Brand Kisaku

Available in just one style, they're made from tree bark originated from Bada Valley, Central Sulawesi. 

30 x 10 x 30 cm

Care instruction:

- Non washable. 

- Barkcloth is not waterproof. However, if any contact with water happens, dry it under the shade. 

- Store your bag in a dust bag or use any other natural fiber bag. Do not use plastic bag to allow the barkcloth to breathe. 

- Use soft cloth to clean the barkcloth when dusty. 

- Most grease, oil stains and ink marks are unfortunately non removable and should be left alone. 

- Any new barkcloth item has a special tree bark odour which is very common and natural. However, if the smell is too much for you, we recommend you to put a small sachet of spice herbs (such as cinnamon, cardamom or cloves) or any other kind of aromatic herb into the bag for a few days to reduce the odour.