LEMURIAN Crochet Hemp Fringe Handbag

$80.00 USD

Our LEMURIAN Bag - crocheted using 100% sustainable natural hemp, paired with an organic cotton lining. Featuring hemp fringing, zip closure, with an inside zip pocket.  The strap is also crocheted using 100% hemp. Ethically handmade in Nepal, by Nepalese Artisans.

Black hemp OR Natural Beige hemp.


Height: approx 20cm (at longest point)

Width: approx 26cm (at widest point)

Width: approx 16cm (at narrowest point)

Strap Length: approx 115cm - 116cm

Fringe Length: approx 14cm - 16cm


Care:  Like all crochet items, please take care using this item.  Hemp is a durable material, but to preserve the crochet detail, please take care of and look after this bag.


* The materials used to make this bag have been hand spun and woven using traditional methods, in which we make sure our Artisans are paid well above their standard wage.