$50.00 USD

Brand Karmantik

Rainbows is a pair on Karmantik's collection, that gives you beautiful Ikat on your feet! This particular form of weaving and dyeing is done only in 2-3 states in India. This Ikat's uniqueness lies in the transfer of intricate design and colouring onto warp and weft threads first and then weave them together globally known as double ikat textiles. Karmantik brings to you an amazing blend of Ikat on your feet.

Available in 6 sizes, this sandal is colorful and elegant.



Karmantik is an enterprise that collaborates with cobblers to create handcrafted footwear. 

Karmantik's collection consists of limited edition footwear using faux leather and fabric curated from different weavers and artisans across India.
The footwear is truly 'Handcrafted for your Sole'. The products are unique, well-cushioned and are lined with comfort.