$29.00 USD

Brand Arakun

Muscle tee made of 100% Certified Organic Cotton and Plant Dyes.

It is Toxin Free & Biodegradable

Extra comfy and stylish muscle tee.

Prints are created using a unique hand cut stencil.

Gender neutral.

Because of the hand dying process with plant dyes, every piece will be unique, colors variations are to be expected.

These dyes are more sensitive to fading than synthetic ones. Please wash it carefully with a natural /bleach free soap in cold water and hang to dry out of direct sunlight. We like to use soap nuts or the commonly found "Sensitive & Wool Wash'' liquid detergent.


Garment's dimensions (cm):

 Sizes Chest Length
2 31 38
3 32.5 40
4 34 42
5 35.5 44
6 37 46