Seraphim Angel Wing Earrings with Crystal

$36.00 USD

Brand Faerwear

This shorter angel wing earring style uses repurposed fabrics (leather/suede or ultrasuede) paired with crystal and/or gemstone beads. The feathers measure approximately 3″ in length, and altogether with hoop, 4″.


Faerwear is inspired by a lot of things: travel, fae folk, festivals, wild women. Limited edition and one-of-a-kind nature-inspired jewelry and accessories made from natural, recycled and repurposed materials.

My displays for vending, as well as the leather, suede and ultrasuede materials I use, are 100% repurposed – I love that the hours I spend digging around in thrift shops, dumps, garage and estate sales counts as “work” and affords me such a great variety of materials to recycle: those who enjoy bargain-hunting will understand the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the score.