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SETUP handmade modular rug carpet with recycled materials, by caraWonga

$94.00 USD

Brand CaraWonga
Size: 140x140 cm 


We ship worldwide.


There is a possibility to change both color and size of our products.

PLEASE WRITE to us so we can inform you about accurate delivery data and were we can talk about your personal wishes regarding the carpet. 


Contents of the package

The modules – which you will use to build your carpet

Double-sided tape – to fix the edges of the carpet

Anti-slip net – for a safer and softer feeling

User’s Guide- everything you need to know about the carpet

Pattern – so you can assemble your carpet correctly



The modules of the carpet have to be put together by you, following the pattern in the package. The modules are the building blocks of the carpets. Uniform pieces, which connect via little nodules or ears, without glueing or sewing. The modules vere designed by Katalin Gál, textile designer and founder of caraWonga.


The caraWonga team wanted to create a modern interior design product that is more than itself, something in which the customer, that is You, can become a creator, something that is customizable and good for everyone.


-it's easily variable and expandable

-the completion of the carpet provides the unique experience of creation

-easily cleaned, changable modules

-made from 80% recycled materials

-made with manual tools