Sun and Moon Maxi Sidecut Dress

$78.00 USD $62.00 USD

This easy-to wear Maxi Dress was made for relaxed days from the softest moss crepe or recycled Indian silk saris. This lovely design has brass beads details on the open back and the front hips tide part. This brass detailing adds a luxe feel – taking this pretty dress from day to night with ease. 
Kamala Kaftan
Fit note: 
One size fits all, designed to fit all body types

Kamala Kaftan

Ethnic fashion sets modern women free.
How I see now, the kaftan is what can be liberating for any kind of cultural, believes, body forms, short or tall women’s. My dream is to see throw in every women free spirit and soul. I hope I can help them to be more powerful with KaMala Kaftan!
Let’s do it! This time, this world seeking for sensitive, strong, grounded women energy!!!!