Three Tier - Upcycled Jeans

$129.99 USD $109.99 USD

Brand AndAgain

These three tier denim jeans are made from 3 separate pairs of pants, all with different washes. The pants have a unique, contemporary feel that are versatile yet able to be styled for many different occasions.

Size: 4



AndAgain is a fashion company dedicated to denim. We give new lives to garments that would ultimately go to waste. Up-cycled denim, your way, any way.

At AndAgain we are dedicated to sustainability. All the denim, distressed and designed, is done in the most sustainable way possible; by hand. We are constantly using old, worn and abandoned denim that most people well would never have a second life. We are dedicated to dressing our customers in the most stylish denim, but in a way that won’t hurt our planet.