Tribal Peace Dreams - Metallic / Narrow

$80.00 USD $75.00 USD

Narrow, with metallic inserts.

100% Handwoven Scarves by the Tausug tribe from Sulu (currently a war-torn island in the Philippines) these handwoven scarves are practically gold! (for the woven scarves to reach the city, it goes at risk of being burnt or captured by sea pirates! true story!!)

Traditionally called Pisyabit cloth, worn during special events and ceremonies by the tribe's royalty. A lot of their inspiration is derived from nature and their surroundings: water, the current, fish, crabs, swords & the want for peace.

The Tausugs are also known as "People of the Current" & "Freedom Fighters", so go with the flow and be like them, make a statement and rock on these scarves.

Best worn as a regular scarf, can be belted or as a headwrap. Play around.

Style Isle

A collection of found pieces, created and curated pieces made from indigenous materials found around the 7,107 islands of the Philippine Archipelago.