Vegan Earrings, Recycled Purple Ultrasuede Fringe with Jade and Amethyst

$36.00 USD

Brand Faerwear

These vegan earrings are a medium-length purple ultrasuede fringe repurposed from a vintage jacket. True to the violet flame, the lady who once owned the jacket I cut these from was what we call here in Mount Shasta an “I’AMer” – a devotee of ascended master Saint Germain. We have a lot of “purple people” in Mount Shasta and in keeping with that theme, these are paired with purple jade and amethyst.

Ultrasuede is a polyester that has a suede-like feel. It has a shelf life of eons, so here’s one way of keeping it out of a landfill. It’s actually a fun material to work with, but most certainly we do not need to produce any more!

These earrings measure approximately 4-4.5″ in length (about an inch shorter than my "long" length) and come standard with 1″ Argentium silver hoops (Argentium has a bit more silver content than sterling, and so tarnishes less). I use a very simple hoop design derived from a pair of “primitive” earrings I was once gifted – it clasps easily and securely through both standard and stretched piercings.