Vegan Repurposed Vintage Ultrasuede Feather Earrings with Purple Jade

$36.00 USD

Brand Faerwear

These vegan ultrasuede earrings are purple and teal, with purple jade. The lady who eventually passed along these ultrasuede garments to me was an "I'AMer", a believer in ascended masters and devotee of Saint Germain, perhaps the most well-known of those masters. They were (are) highly fond of wearing pastels and purples and are still fairly prominent here in Mount Shasta, California, where Saint Germain purportedly made appearances to people. I felt called to stick with the theme, so here they are with purple jade.

Any of my earrings designated as "vegan" mean that they are made from non-leather materials (ultrasuede is actually a polyester), and additionally, they will not include any bone, shell, horn or other animal-derived materials either. I ONLY used repurposed ultrasuede, and am thrilled to be able to reuse and recycle this material into something beautiful since, as a plastic/petroleum-based product, it would not biodegrade in a landfill, at least not for centuries.

They come standard with 1″ Argentium silver hoops (Argentium has a bit more silver content than sterling, and so tarnishes less). I also offer a 14k gold-filled option for those with silver sensitivities. I use a very simple hoop design derived from a pair of “primitive” earrings I was once gifted – it clasps easily and securely through both standard and stretched piercings.


Faerwear is inspired by a lot of things: travel, fae folk, festivals, wild women. Limited edition and one-of-a-kind nature-inspired jewelry and accessories made from natural, recycled and repurposed materials.

My displays for vending, as well as the leather, suede and ultrasuede materials I use, are 100% repurposed – I love that the hours I spend digging around in thrift shops, dumps, garage and estate sales counts as “work” and affords me such a great variety of materials to recycle: those who enjoy bargain-hunting will understand the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the score.