Zitz Gone Cleansing Bar

$5.00 USD

Zitz be gone 4oz Soap ~5.00
Our anti-acne bar! We hand-create this bar that is rich in nature’s healing herbs blended with antiseptic and soothing essential oils.

Ingredients: Obliteration! Oils of: olive,coconut,castor. Water, aloe vera, oils of jojoba, Vit E, wheat germ. Essential Oils: Bergamot, tea tree, lavender,lemon.Herbs: roses, lavender, neem, burdock.

Celestial Body

Celestial Body sell tons of exotic and everyday Clothing/Jewelry from India. 
We also provide Spa Services as well as Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy! In the shop we create our own All Natural Skin Care, using many ingredients grown on our farm.